Four Ways To Cope With Loss

Four Ways To Cope With Loss

When we lose someone close to us it’s devastating. Our lives are never the same, and we feel overwhelmed imagining life without that person. Even beginning to deal with this sense of grief can be an overwhelming task. We believe time heals all wounds, but sometimes just time isn’t enough. For those of you suffering, here are four ways to coping with loss.

1. Don’t Neglect Yourself
Problems tend to snowball at times. When you feel grief, you begin to neglect things. Your eating, your sleeping, your hygiene, even your career. This is the last thing you should do however. The more you neglect yourself, the worst you will feel about it. And when you pile different kinds of grief onto yourself it can crush you. Eat, sleep, exercise and you will feel better than you would otherwise, even if you need to push yourself to do it.

2. Don’t Push Others Away

You feel alone in the world without this person. But other people are going through the same thing. Even those who aren’t feeling the same grief you are still care about you and want you to feel better. Even if it’s tempting to just shut yourself in and ignore the world, you can’t. The world will still be there, and it’s a much better place with friends and family in it. Lean on them for support, even for little things like helping you with groceries or chores. It will make you both feel better than you pushing them away.

3. Don’t Forget
When someone leaves us we often feel tempted to just pretend they were never there, or focus on their final moments. This is horribly detrimental. You will still think of them, but you will feel horrible both for remembering when you don’t want to and for wanting to forget them to begin with. Think of the good times you had together, and even the bad ones. Remember them as a person and not as a scar.

4. Don’t Be In Ignorance
Every single person’s grief period is different. Knowing this, it can feel like nobody in the world could help. But even if every grieving is unique, universal tools such as books and outreach websites can still help. There are common things to all grief, and learning to deal with those through books and programs can make a world of difference.

Sunrise through the clouds

In the end, it is up to you how you recover from loss. You are the master of your own destiny after all. But just remember there is support in numerous sources when you feel you want or need it.