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The North Platte Telegraph It’s become a routine. People get sick, and they go to the doctor for a pill that can make them feel better.Colon Hydrotherapy

Our large 4 Quart (1 Gallon) enema colon hydrotherapy bag is all you will ever need. This bag is of hospital quality, It has a large capacity that allows you to do several enemas in session. This way you dont have to stop and refill with more enema solution. This is a great advantage when doing deep colon cleansing. This bag is designed to last a lifetime and will give many years of use. This bag …

evercleanse, Colon Cleansing Program, 1-Count Kit

Lose the waste. Lose the weight*Complete 3-Step Colon Cleansing ProgramAmerica’s #1 Choice Cleansing/Weight Management Support Formula!Scientifically Formulated to:Cleanse & Detoxify the colon* Replenish healthy digestive bacteria with Live Flora Probiotics* Regulated bowel movements* Assist in weight lossContains:40 Colon Health Capsules10 Replenish Capsules10 Evercleanse PacketsComplete 3-Step C…

Inside Poop: America’s leading colon therapist defies conventional medical wisdom about your health and well-being

This book kept me reading all night. I couldn’t put it down! – Brad DeMeulenaere “I had my first colonic at age 26. I am now 56 and have seen a total of five colon hygienists, four within the past six years. I’ve been through the forest of medical doctors and many different alternative health practitioners. Much of the time, I have sensed a frustration from them. Sometimes it’s a frustration that …

Colon therapy is recognized as an important step in maintaining or regaining health. This chart, used for educational purposes, illustrates the importance of how health and sickness have their roots in the colon. It is easy to see how an improper diet affects the colon and in turn, inflicts pain or discomfort on other parts of the body. This chart is easy to read being 22 x 17 inches large and de…

Colon Hydrotherapy: The Professional Practitioner Training Manual and Reference Book

This book is a major contribution to the profession of colon hydrotherapy. It is written for practitioners and students of colon hydrotherapy, as well as others working within the broad spectrum of health care. The content is readily accessible, and is therefore of equal value to patients, and all persons involved in the search for wellbeing. This book is about best practice, and thereby correc…

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